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Mar 20, 2015 by Lynda Robinson

I Have used the TRX suspension trainer extensively before with previous trainers- TRX Body Blast class this morning was an awesome way to start the day! Will definitely be back!!!

Huge Transformation!

Mar 20, 2015 by Tracey Pert

My friends and I have been training with Mick for almost 2 years. In that time all our fitness levels have increased out of sight! Mick is motivating and pushes you to where he knows you can go. He mixes up all the training sessions and tailors them to our specific needs. He has actually made me enjoy exercising!!

Work at your own pace

Mar 20, 2015 by Anna

The classes are a great way to spend time outdoors and exercising. They provide a great work out with also the opportunity to work at a pace that is suited to you, so you don\'t feel pushed to be at the same level as everyone else. They also allow the opportunity to push yourself and achieve your goals. Thanks mick!

"I'm Hooked!"

Mar 19, 2015 by Merryl Heydon

I've been going to In Motion Fitness for nearly 18 months now, I have hardly missed a class, I think it's safe to say "IM HOOKED" Mick has helped me to become a much fitter, healthier and even happier person!

get out there

Mar 19, 2015 by andrew bloomfield

I've been working with Mick for a couple of years and have found his passion and motivation to push people to achieve their goals second to none .Mick has helped me maintain my weight increase strength and stamina and helped me back from injury .I enjoy each session as there are never two the same .I encourage anyone out there to give it a go and reap the benefits .

Thanks Mick

In Motion Fitness , USA 4.9 5.0 15 15 I can't speak highly enough for Mick & Erin at IMF. When I began about 3 months ago my exercise routine was almost non existent apart from a weekly yoga session. I have been

Amazing can’t recommend Mick enough

Dec 31, 2014 by Karena

A huge thanks to Mick for getting me back on track to my fitness, health and lifestyle goals. I started with him a couple of months ago after failed results at the gym and boy did I quickly realise just how unfit I was! but unlike other trainers he encouraged every step of the way with every “I can’t do it” there was a “you CAN do it” and BAM I was doing it. Unfortunately I am moving interstate but if I ever return to wagga Mick will be back on my agenda! I loved the fitness classes in between pt sessions and loved that it was always different and a continual challenge! It is sad to say goodbye!! Thanks Mick I appreciate everything!

Getting on the right track

Aug 06, 2014 by Dannii Pullen

After having my second child, I had all that lovely baby weight that I needed to loose. I started coming to the classes and I\’m on the right track to being fit and healthy. I have made some great friends who keep you motivated and Mick puts up with me sooking really well!
Great classes with a great bunch of ladies, with great attitudes to being healthy!

In Motion Fitness classes are for everyone

Aug 05, 2014 by Kate Powell

In Motion Fitness classes are for everyone…. I started probably six weeks ago and was wrapped to see the classes cater for ALL fitness levels…. Everyone is focused and friendly, the classes are well varied each week and Mick’s expectations are not unrealistic…only that you have go and push yourself while he and other participants are fully supporting you!!! Come!! You will not regret it!!

I thought I was pretty fit

Aug 05, 2014 by Roylene Stanley

I thought I was pretty fit being able to run around the lake till I started doing classes with Mick from In Motion Fitness. Mick’s classes are for any fitness level and ability. I could barely do 15 sit ups and was the same with push ups (women’s ones). Since starting with Mick, I have run my first half marathon and …have four lined up for this year, I can do at least 50 full sit ups in a row and have managed over 100 push-ups (men’s ones) during a session. I was not the motivated type of person, but with Mick’s wisdom and encouragement (not yelling or screaming at you), I’m now loving my running and keeping fit. I highly recommend In Motion Fitness to reach your fitness goals while having a ton of fun doing it. Thanks Mick for all your help, advice and giving me that push when I need it.

Thanks to you Mick and a lovely bunch of ladies

Aug 05, 2014 by Cassie Styles

Thanks to you Mick and a lovely bunch of ladies I have a whole new outlook on life and enjoying being active and seeing results!!
The group classes have inspired me due to it being a relaxed non-threatening environment that allows you to go at your own pace, yet still see results!!
Let’s just say this time 6 months ago there would be no way I’d be doing a colour run or even consider mud, sweat & beers… Now I say BRING IT ON!!
THANKYOU I wouldn’t change a thing 😉

First Day at In Motion Fitness

Aug 05, 2014 by Kahla Hilton

“When I started with Mick, exercise was a dirty word as far as I was concerned, how times have changed! I look forward to class, and love the feeling I get, knowing I am making a difference to my health. I go to 3 or 4 classes a week, and ha…ve done for about 2 months! Mick is amazing, he will push you, but only as far as he knows your body can go. I would highly recommend grabbing a mate and giving it a go…you won’t regret it! Best decision I’ve made in a long time!!”

In Motion Fitness has given me the courage to get out and work for my goals!

Aug 05, 2014 by Mel Power

“In Motion Fitness has given me the courage to get out and work for my goals! I am feeling healthier in mind, body and soul than I have in a long time. I am pushing my limits, finding my strengths, working on my weaknesses and having such a …great time doing it! Mick has made me feel very comfortable to try things I would ordinarily shy from and encouraging me to work harder every time. Mick understands the importance of my goal and is helping me inch closer and closer each session. In Motion Fitness’s costs are very reasonable and the overall service is exceptional. I can only say good things about IMF and encourage you all to get in and have a go, too!”

Courage or fitness to have taken on new tasks and challenges

Aug 05, 2014 by Jess Tamblyn

“If it had not have been for Mick at in motion fitness I would not have had the courage or fitness to have taken on new tasks and challenges. recently have taken on mud, sweat and beers and 10 weeks ago I wouldn’t have made it to the finish line! Oh not to mention the collective 50cm lost since starting training with Mick! Thanks Mick”

Can do attitude

Aug 05, 2014 by Bianca Harman

“Hi, I’ve been working with Mick since February this year, and he’s been able to help with my motivation levels & promote a ‘can do’ attitude! In Motion Fitness has assisted me to restart & reshape my healthier life journey, & also offers great classes that are reasonably priced & suitable for all ages! Give it go!”

I highly recommend In Motion Fitness.

Aug 05, 2014 by Kerry O’Rouke

“I highly recommend In Motion Fitness. I started doing the group sessions as a way of losing my baby weight. I have found these sessions to be an awesome workout aimed at all fitness levels. They are as hard as you are willing to work but lots of fun. The sessions are always changing and never boring Unlike going to the gym. Mick is invaluable, full of encouraging words and gets in amongst it with you. He is very knowledgeable and has given myself and others great nutritional advice and ensures that you do the exercises correctly without injury. As a result I have lost my baby weight, most importantly I reached my goal of fitting into my gold cup dress! I will keep going to the group sessions to reach my next fitness and weight goals because I have seen the results all whilst doing it in a supportive environment.”

I would recommend In Motion fitness to anyone

Aug 05, 2014 by Nicole Burgess

“I would recommend In Motion fitness to anyone, I heard about Mick through Facebook and decided to give it a go! I was very nervous and worried about being the unfitest person or not being able to keep up but by the end of the session I was …so happy that he caters for all stages of fitness and excited to go back. I have now been to In Motion Fitness for about 5 months and have lost my baby weight and I don’t think I have been this fit in a LONG time. The sessions are fun and Mick is always there beside you for support and advice! If you just give it a go once you will not regret it and I guarantee you will go back”

The reason I started with in motion fitness

Aug 05, 2014 by Rachel Bennett

“The reason I started with in motion fitness for the many benefits of outdoor fitness. The hidden benefit of increased vitamin d. Since doing outdoor fitness my vitamin d levels have returned to normal. I have continued with in motion fitness because they have helped me achieve many of my weight loss and fitness goals. I am able to many things that I couldn’t have done 6 months ago. During the sessions you are supported by some lovely people and the trainer will push you as hard as you want them too. I have lost 20 kilos since attending in motion fitness in January due to a balanced diet and exercise ( no fad diets) even though I have another 20kgs to go I know I will be supported through in motion fitness”

In Motion Fitness , USA 4.7 5.0 12 12 A huge thanks to Mick for getting me back on track to my fitness, health and lifestyle goals. I started with him a couple of months ago after failed results at the gym and boy did